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Hey! White was founded to help people smile everyday and everywhere in an easy way. We specialized in teeth whitening products research & development, production, and distribution. After 10 years development, Hey! White has grown up to be the most influential and largest market share brand in the field of cosmetic teeth whitening.Hey! White has four core of competencies, high quality, new design, precise market positioning and wide marketing channels.Hey! White home teeth whitening products can meet the demands of our esteemed customers for a bright smile with its great variety and extremely high quality.Besides, Hey! White products designed more practical, they make teeth whitening to be daily, populist, and more fashionable.

  • location Address: Gongye 3rd Road, Linjiang Ind. Zone, Zijin County, Heyuan, Guangdong, China
  • year year established: 6YRS
  • markets main markets: Oceania,East Asia,Eastern Europe
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