Hospitalar 2019

Expo Center Norte Exhibition Center, Sao paulo, Brazil

Booth No.11-180

2019-05-21 to 2019-05-24
Activity details

Sao Paulo has the most comprehensive medical center and the most advanced medical equipment in the region, accounting for 65% of the total medical mall in Brazil. Medical devices and health products are mostly imported. It is an ideal city for domestic medical enterprises to enter Latin American malls.The Brazilian International Hospital Clinic Laboratory Equipment and Skills Fair is jointly organized with the famous MEDICA Fair in Germany, and is a professional fair certified by the World Federation of Hospitals (IHF). In 2000, it was awarded the title of "Trusted Commercial Fair" by the US Department of Commerce. It is the most authoritative medical equipment exposition in Brazil and Latin America.

Medical devices: hospital technology facilities and equipment, surgical center, medicine, hospital pharmacy, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, biochemical and inspection equipment, medical electronic equipment and

technology, special medical monitor, ultrasound diagnostic instrument, technology and equipment, consumables, medical clinic patient monitor, surgical instruments, massage equipment, protective equipment, medical supplies,

medical and surgical instruments packaging, disposable packaging materials, disinfection of medical supplies, etc.;

Dentistry: oral medicine, plastic surgery, infection control equipment, dental instruments and equipment, dental cultivation products;

Ophthalmology: optical optometry equipment, eyeglasses equipment, ophthalmic medical equipment, bausch & lomb and eye care products;

Rehabilitation from disability: orthopedic techniques; Products; Outpatient nursing; Physical therapy; Nursing equipment, mobile nursing; Medical technology; Artificial limbs.

Medicine: prescription drugs; Western medicine; Antibiotics; Ointments; Capsule; New drugs; Apt; Booster injection; Transfusion; Chinese patent medicine; Tablet. Varieties protected by the state;Drugs for national basic medical insurance; Biochemical drug reagents and vaccines; Pharmaceutical raw materials; Various intermediates; All kinds of biological products.

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