Member Service Description

The platform focuses on serving China’s medical device manufacturers to compete in the 600 billion overseas medical market, helping Chinese suppliers and overseas buyers to establish comprehensive and open business relations, promoting the global medical devices supply and marketing network with China as the product center.

Exclusive brand exhibition hall       Authoritative & integrity endorsement        Global industry buyer visit       Precision demand matching

What can gold membership get?

- Buyers resources in 140 countries and regions around the world
- 30 internationally renowned industry joint exhibition opportunities every year
- More than 200,000 corporate brochures distributed every year
- Investing thousands of millions annually in overseas search engines advertising,using industry keyword to get drainage
- Sponsor overseas medical expert seminars, point-to-point precision marketing
- Overseas warehouses and product exhibition centers are set up in key countries to facilitate transactions on the spot
- Big data in the station matches supply and demand information, and multi ways facilitate transactions

Membership Comparison

Type Normal Membership Golden Membership
Price Free 16800RMB
Supplier Space Self-Decoration Special Design by Platform
Sourcing Request Quotes 10 per month Unlimited
Enquire Management System
Main Products 3 Quotas ( Prior to product searching rank
and You may like show)
10 Quotas( Prior to product searching rank
and You may like show)
Request Matching Potential buyer promotion
by system
Potential buyer Promotion by
system and operation team
Visitor Name Card
Search Engine Rank Normal Weights Priority Weights
Membership Exclusive Identification
Credit Identification
Co-exhibition Qualification

Upgrade your membership now and you can get extra benefits:

- Platform popular limited advertising space
- Global Exhibition Buyers Business Card Database
- Industry expert product reviews

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